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How do plugins work?

Crisp is a simple customer service platform. This means that baseline Crisp apps do little things, but they do them perfectly. However, we know that everyone has its specific needs, and that everyon's needs are different.

This is why we built a Plugins Platform: you can plug virtually anything to the baseline Crisp Platform, to extend Crisp features for your custom needs.

This is also how Crisp as a company lives: we do sell plugins. We don't force our users to subscribe to any plugin; meaning that using Crisp without plugin is completely free and unlimited. Also, keep in mind that we do not sell ads or user data, as we suspect other 100% free livechat services do (we don't make our money on data).

We have one core principle: everything we sell should have a flat monthly/yearly price (your choice), be cheap, and be unlimited. This means that, if you buy a plugin to trigger automated messages to your visitors, we bill it regardless of how many visitors you have and how many messages you send. That plugin is very likely to be cheap, to work extremely well. This makes everyone happy: we thrive on that simple plugins system, and things are comprehensive for you, our user.

Valerian Saliou
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