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Crisp chatbox Cookie & IP policy

The Crisp chatbox, that is running on the websites of our users, uses cookies. Cookies are solely used in accordance with the points below.

You do not need to ask for user consent regarding Crisp cookies. Crisp uses cookies solely for messaging purpose, and not for tracking purposes. If, however, you use Crisp to track your users (eg. via segments you push from the $crisp JavaScript SDK), you may need consent then.

Cookies are necessary for chatbox functionalities; they are needed to restore the chat session and messages of a chatbox user when browsing between website pages and/or coming back on the website a few days after.
We chose cookies over LocalStorage or SessionStorage because this is the only technical solution allowing us to keep the chat consistent across your domain and subdomains
Cookies have a default expiration time of 6 months, which is renewed if and when the user comes back to the website and loads the chatbox.
Cookies bind an user to a single session. If that session contains messages, it is permanent (unless deleted by a website agent); otherwise the session is temporary and is destroyed 30 minutes after the last website access.
Cookies are not used for tracking purposes. They are solely used to bind an user to a server-side session storage, which is then used for messaging purposes, in the event either the user or a website agent starts a conversation.
The user IP address is stored in the server-side session storage that's bound to the cookie. If the user leaves without using the chatbox messaging features, the session (and thus the IP address) will be automatically removed from Crisp servers upon session expiration (ie. 30 minutes after last access; as stated above).
The user IP address is kept indefinitely in the event the user started a chat session with a website on Crisp. We are legally required by the law of France to log those IPs in the event of a legal request (for a minimum duration of 1 year). Though, we keep those IP address longer as we need to aggregate them to protect our chatbox service against botnets and spam attacks, which occur frequently. The Crisp service could not function at the level our customers expect from us without statistics on those collected IP.

Our Cookies:

crisp-client/* are all the cookies that are required so that the Crisp Chat works and is able to restore a visitor message history. Without those cookies, the customer would have a new chat session everytime he switchs to a new page, trigger messages would fire multiple times, and the chatbox would behave erratically. Note that we do not set any tracking cookie, all the cookies with the prefix crisp-client/ are used for technical or chatbox service purposes only;

Updated on: 06/01/2023

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