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How to build a list of buttons using the chatbot?

using the chatbot, you can create list of answers for your leads or customers. It's very efficient as it prevents the user from sending text based messages. They only have to click on one of the option that are available.

To build a list of button, you have to use a special action block, which is a "Send Message" block. The send message has a different type:
Text Message
File (to download)
Animation (GIF)
Input field (to fill)
Button picker (to click)

For the sake of this article, the type we will look for is the " Button picker " type.

Example of a send message action which has a button picker type

How to build my list of button?

Using the button picker, after choosing the language you want your customers to see the message, there are multiple fields available. Here is what they mean and what they do.

Field identifier

The field identifier will allow you to name your message. It's an important data if you're willing to build a custom bot. In case you're using the editor, we advise you to give it a name that refers to the behavior you're trying to create.

As an example, below you can find a screenshot of a button picker that used for routing purposes, that's why it's named "department".

Question text

The field "Question text" is the field that will be displayed above your list of questions. It's mandatory and an important one because it will have to match with the list of questions below.

Picker Buttons

Pickers are the buttons that are visible by leads or customers as clickable buttons in the chatbox. Here you have two fields: Value & Label.

▶️ Value: it is the data that will allow you to catch the customer interaction in the chatbox. This data should relate to the value displayed in front of the customers (Don't show "carrots" and set the value as "pasta")
▶️ Label: it is the data that will be shown to the customer in the different button of your list.

⚠️ Simple advice: To differentiate them easily, Add an uppercase to the first letter of the label field and don't set any for the value field.

You can't create more than 10 answers inside one picker.

How to create different behavior based on customers' click?

So the goal is to set something like this that will behave according to customers' click.

It's very simple and here is how you should do so:

Add a "message action" (Event block - Red)
Define the type "Button Click"
Make it match with one of the value available in your picker
Leave the "Memorize as" blank if you don't need it.

How to create a new child

Create a new child means that you can create specific behavior based on some conditions or events that occur through the chatbot scenario. Here is an example.

Now that you have chosen your event block (which should be a message action block by the way), you can repeat the same behavior for as many answer as you have in your picker button.

And voilà, you have created your first list of button to offer different choice to your leads or customers.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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