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How to create a support bot to answer customers automatically?

Support bots will not solve all problems magically, but they may make your life a lot easier. And therefore, will help your team and your company to improve customer experience. With our bot builder, you can draw complex response flows, with events, actions, and conditions.

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This guide goes into explaining how to build a chatbot support your users will access automatically. Through the articles available within your existing knowledge base, the chatbot for customer support will automatically send the answer, based on customers' questions.

What do I need to build a support bot?

To build a support, you'll need the following requirements:
Multiple articles from your knowledge base
The chatbot plugin

What is a support bot?

Chatbots are used in a variety of applications, including well-known personal assistants Siri or Alexa. But there is a field in which they are particularly quickly developing: customer support. This is why at Crisp, we allow you to combine the chat and the knowledge base to make your customer service team even more powerful.

A support bot is a chatbot that will automatically send answers to your customers, based on the question they've asked. It can contain articles from your existing knowledge base or pure text answer, it's as you wish.

You can even send GIFs or invite to download a document

How to build a support bot?

Building a support bot through Crisp is quite easy to do. You'll have to improve it over the time. Don't try to make it perfect at first or you'll never see the benefits of this tool.

Dress a list of keywords for each knowledge article you wish to trigger the support bot

To make your chatbot for customer support work, you'll have to define specific keyword that will trigger it. To do so, you have to have a deep understanding of your customers and leads. It allows you to anticipate the right keywords (and mistakes) they're going to add to their questions.

Create a bot scenario for each knowledge article

Once you're in the chatbot plugin simply hit "Create a new blank scenario" and start from scratch with our bot builder.

As you may know, every scenario has to start with a "**user message matches**". For that specific use case, we're going to add specific keywords to it so it only triggers on some specific questions.

In the below example, the scenario has been set to trigger on two keywords :"invoices" and "invoice".

Invoice bot for customer support

Please note that each keyword has been set between two * which makes it trigger on sentences that contains at least one of those keyword.

Adapt the message to each bot support scenario

As we keep on on building this scenario, we now have to finish our scenario. To do so, we'll have to craft the message, by combining text and links to the knowledge base article. Add a simple action block "Send Message" that is a text message.

Inside this text block, add content, whether the immediate answer or a link to your knowledge base, it's up to you.

Note that in the future, we're going to add a "search block" so users can access knowledge articles while going through a bot scenario.

Example of a message sent based on customers' question

And voilà! Feel free to get back to us if you have any questions regarding this article, we'll be happy to help.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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