Video content is key to better help customers. This tutorial provides help how to embed in a helpdesk article a video hosted on Wistia

This procedure is a bit more complicated than for Youtube, Vimeo & others because Wistia is not providing any solution to retrieve an embed link directly from a Wistia link. So this video covers how to do it manually.

Retrieve the embed link from Wistia

Go to your Wistia Dashboard
Open a Wistia video
Click Embed & Share
Click Inline Embed

Copy the Embed code

Convert the code for Crisp

To embed the code for Crisp, we need to retrieve the link from the Iframe provided from Wistia. In the example above, the link was:

And then we can make it a Crisp Iframe:

${frame}[Here you can use a custom legend](

You can then use this code in your Crisp helpdesk article
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