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How to import or export chatbot templates?

Chatbot templates can be imported and exported from existing scenarios or available on some of articles that we've created on our blog. It can give you ideas about what you can do using our chatbot.

Importing or exporting chatbot templates can be done from the bot plugin, available in the Unlimited plan. It doesn't require any technical knowledge. Here are the different steps you have to take to import or export chatbot templates.

How to import chatbot templates

Importing chatbot templates requires some mandatory settings. Here they are:
It must be a JSON file
It must respect a specific structure

How to import an existing scenario?

Go to your bot plugin and click "New Scenario"

Once you're here, you're ready for step 2.

Click on import scenario from file

Choose the JSON file that contains your chatbot template

Can I import multiple scenarios at the same time?

Unfortunately, that is not possible, you'll have to import them separately.

How to export chatbot templates?

Exporting chatbot templates is the best way to duplicate existing scenario. Here is the process you have to follow to export a chatbot template.

To duplicate chatbot templates, you simply have to export the existing one and import it again to create a new scenario.

Access an existing scenario and click "export scenario"

Now, yous should have received a .JSON file in your computer that you can then import to duplicate it inside your Crisp inbox or customize it based on your requirements.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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