Crisp Affiliates lets you earn money by referring paid Crisp users. You get a commission of every payment that's made by the users you referred (20% for 1 year per referred users).

This article explains how the Crisp Affiliate program works and how to use it, in a step-by-step manner. We're going to take the scenario that you are a Web Agency, and installs Crisp on your client websites. You'd like them to upgrade to Crisp Unlimited, and get 20% back for the first year that they pay Crisp, for every monthly payment (this also works if they pay on a yearly basis).

1. Signup for Crisp Affiliates

To use Crisp Affiliates and start earning money, you need to create your Crisp Affiliates account:

Go to:
Click on "Create your account"
Enter your email and a password (4 to 200 characters, should be strong)
You'll then be redirected to your Crisp Affiliates dashboard.

Create your Crisp Affiliates account

If you already own a Crisp account, you will need to create a new account on Crisp Affiliates. This is not the same account, so you need to create it separately. You can have a Crisp Affiliates account without having any Crisp account.

2. Generate a tracker link

Now that you are on your Crisp Affiliates dashboard, you may create your first tracker link. This tracker link might be used to refer your Web Agency clients to Crisp:

On your dashboard, a popup opens up after signup
Click on "Create an affiliates tracker"; you will be redirected to the Trackers section
In the Trackers section, click on "Add a new tracker" (top right of your screen)
Give your tracker a name; this is only seen by you
Once created, click on "Copy tracker link"
Share the link that was copied with the users you want to refer to Crisp!

Generate a tracker link, step 1

Generate a tracker link, step 2

Generate a tracker link, step 3

Generate a tracker link, step 4

3. Share this tracker link

The tracker link you just copied in previous section can now be shared to you clients. If you run a blog or a marketing campaign, you may place this tracker as a link to Crisp. Users that signup to Crisp from this URL will be associated to your Affiliates account.

It is important that you send a link containing a tracker code to your clients before their signup, as the affiliates referral link is made upon signup, not after the user is signed up. If you share an affiliates link to an user who login to an existing account, the link won't be made.

Important: we do not allow our affiliates users to bid on Google AdWords, or any similar search engine advertising platform. Money generated this way will be spotted by our review team, and payout requests will not be accepted (ie. money will be lost). In order to be validated, an affiliate payout must have brought Crisp customers from legitimate traffic (eg. social media, a blog article, etc.).

4. Get notified when you earn money

Now on, when someone who signed up to Crisp from a tracker you own spends money on a Crisp Plan or a Crisp Plugin, you will get a 20% commission payment on your Crisp Affiliates account.

We will notify by email you each time you earn money from someone you referred. In the event you don't want to receive those emails, you can disable them in your account settings using the Account section of your Crisp Affiliates Dashboard.

The money you earn will appear on your Payouts page. You will be able to request a payout to your bank account anytime, to withdraw the money you earned to your bank.

See how much money is available for payout

5. Request for a payout to your bank account

Now, that you earned money, you are ready to receive your first payout:

First, go to the Account page of you Crisp Affiliates dashboard
In the "Payout recipient" section, configure your payout instructions (name, address, method and instructions)
Make sure to be as precise as possible (ie. submit all your bank routing details if the bank method is chosen)
Save your payout recipient details
Now, go to the Payouts page of you Crisp Affiliates dashboard
Click on "Request payout of..."
Confirm that you want the payout to be requested
You're done. Our team will receive a request notification and we will process it as soon as possible (expect a few days)

Make sure your Payout recipient information are filled

Request your payout

Payouts are not automatic. You need to request them manually when you are ready to receive the money you earned. Once a request is sent, you cannot cancel it. The request will be processed by our team and accepted. Then, we will wire the money to your bank, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. (depending on your configured payout instructions).
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