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How to use the chatbot to build automated routing rules?

The chatbot is the most powerful tool within Crisp when talking about automation. This is article is going to explain how you can automate conversations assignments by using the chatbot and the routing rules.

1. Create a Picker or Catch users' words

As we've seen in previous article about How to use memorized values in messages sent from the chatbot?, you can easily use users words to create answers that would fit with customers' needs.

Let's assume we have chosen the picker which is available in the How to add the chatbot plugin to my website?.

2. Set a User Segment

Once the user has set his needs (means he has clicked on the picker), you can automatically assign a segment to the user by using the "Set User Segment" action block.

If you've done this perfectly then you can leave the chatbot and switch to your website settings.

3. Define your routing rules

To define your routings rules, you have to follow the following path: Settings > Website Settings > Settings > Routing Rules > Add a Routing Rules

Click on the "add a routing rule" button then choose a name then choose advanced condition.

Choose the data that you've set in the chatbot and insert it by selecting Contacts Segments

If you ever want NOT to use the chatbot, then you can also use the JavaScript SDK? to create a tracking plan for your customer's lifecycle and push segments to users profile that are interacting with your business

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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