By default, Crisp allows you to use an hosted knowledge base custom domain (eg. However, it is possible (and recommended!) to configure a custom knowledge base domain (eg.

Some DNS managers only require the beginning of the subdomain. For instance, instead of CNAME you will have to provide CNAME support instead (without Please compare with your other DNS entries.

Video Tutorial

Technical Setup

To configure a custom domain for your knowledge base, follow those steps:

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Settings, then click on Helpdesk
Click on Setup your Helpdesk
In Custom domain, enter your desired custom domain
Click on Use this domain
Do not click on verify yet, first, add the indicated DNS records to your DNS manager and deploy your new DNS configuration
Again, do not click on verify, hold on for a at least 1 minute, to ensure your DNS provider propagated your changes
Now, click on Verify domain setup. Crisp will query your DNS records to ensure they are properly configured. This takes up to 20 seconds
Crisp will acknowledge or reject the domain change. If it rejects the changes, check all records have been added to your DNS manager
Once the domain change is validated, a new SSL certificate for your Helpdesk will be generated. This may take up to 2 minutes. Check your newly configured domain after this delay.

The knowledge base custom domain setup

Third Parties Tutorials

Here are tutorials for most providers:

If you are using Cloudflare DNS, make sure the "Cloudflare proxy" mode is disabled for all DNS records you added. Ensure the cloud icon is grey (disabled) and not orange (enabled). This prevents Cloudflare from rewriting the DNS records.

On most providers, if you need to configure MX, you will have to configure "mails" only on the DNS provider's dashboard. (You will have to remove
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