Crisp services may connect to your website and domains to fetch some data for chat purposes. For example, if you or a visitor sends a link to your website via the chat, Crisp services access your website to generate a preview for the link that was sent.

In some cases, you may need to whitelist or serve a different version of your website for non-brower user agents. For instance, if you are using Distil Networks bot protection you may need to whitelist our user agents.

User agents used by Crisp

Link previews: Crisp-LinkPreview 1.0 (+
MagicBrowse proxy: Crisp-Proxy 1.0 (+
Web Hooks: Crisp-HooksDeliver 1.0 (+
Status Page probe: Crisp-Status 1.0 (+
Processing checker (domain names): Crisp-DomainProcessing 1.0 (+
Maps proxy service: Crisp-MapsProxy 1.0 (+
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