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How can I add Data Sources to my MagicReply AI?

Crisp's AI, named MagicReply, generates relevant answers to your customers questions, over all conversational channels that Crisp supports. MagicReply can either assist your human support team answer to your users, help them respond much faster, or respond automatically when used from the Crisp Chatbot (the Bot plugin). However, before it can generate relevant responses, it needs knowledge about your product or business.

In your Crisp app, you can find an Automations section in the left sidebar. In this section, you can manage Data Sources. Data Sources is the place where you can train your AI. Your AI will uses all context data provided in Data Sources to generate more relevant responses to your customers.

Four kinds of Data Sources can be used, they all work together to generate better responses:

- Answer Snippets: write short Q&A (Questions & Answers) about common themes your customers frequently ask you. Those Q&A are solely used by your AI and are not visible by your users.
- Web Content: add all your Web domains, and we extract text from all your Web pages for you. We train the AI with the main textual content from your Web pages. If you have an online documentation, adding its domain can bring valuable of knowledge to your AI.
- Helpdesk Articles: as you create articles on your Crisp Helpdesk, we feed them to your AI to train them. Those articles will be visible by your users on your Crisp Helpdesk and used by your AI to suggest helpful Helpdesk articles in automated AI-generated responses.
- Inbox Messages: all messages sent by your human agents to your customers are used to train your MagicReply AI (note that we do not use your Inbox Messages to generate automated AI answers to your users for privacy reasons, we only use them to suggest AI-generated answers by your human agents within the Crisp Inbox).

This article explains how to get the most out of each Data Source.

Data Sources can be configured in the Automations section of the Crisp App

Answer Snippets

The most efficient way to train your MagicReply AI is to write short Question & Responses. This allows your AI to answer with relevance to recurring questions from your customers, eg. "How can I get a refund?".

Here are some recommendations to get the most of your Answer Snippets:

Your customers might come from a wide range of places, they could ask the same question in different ways. It is therefore important that your Q&A questions are as generic and simple as possible, eg. do not write "I paid with my credit card, got debited and I want a refund please.", write instead "How can I get a refund?", or more specifically "How can I get a refund for a payment made with a credit card?".
Make answers as dense as possible. Answers should be short, and contain as much information as possible in as few words as possible. Avoid over-styling answers written in the Answer Snippets section, since the AI will reword them based on the conversational context. In other words, do not sugarcoat too much your answers with syntactic style, go straight to the point.
Make sure to correct any typo and spelling/grammar mistakes in your questions and answers. It will ease the AI's language model understanding of your Q&As.
Do not include Markdown code in your answers, the AI will not recognize formatting in its generated responses. Always use plain text.
Organize your Q&A content! Create groups and assign answers to them, so that things stay organized. This is only for your own eyes, the AI will not use the groups you create.
If you temporarily need to remove a Q&A answer snippet, do not delete it! Disable it first, you may want to use it later on. Disabling Q&As has the same effect on the AI as deleting them.
When creating your snippets, you can also specify the locale, in order to allow the AI to cover all of your audience's languages.

Answer Snippets are not visible to your users. Those are private, and only visible to you and your team within the Crisp App. They are solely used by the MagicReply AI to generate response messages, which might get them reworded and mixed up. If you need to write content that is both visible to your users and fed to your AI, then write Crisp Helpdesk articles instead (see below).

An example of a well-written Answer Snippet

How can I use my Answer Snippets?

You can use the Answer Snippets that you've created in your Crisp dashboard throughout Crisp products, such as the Crisp Chatbot.

To query your Answer Snippets from your Chatbot, simply add a Search Answer (AI) action block as such:

Web Content

You might already run a website full of quality text content about your product or business. For instance, you may have published your docs on your website or a custom helpdesk system (that's not Crisp Helpdesk). This information from the Web can be automatically imported into your Crisp AI in no time!

Add your Web domains in the Web Content section, and we crawl them for you. You will see a list of the pages that we found for this Web domain appearing progressively, meaning that we successfully imported those Web pages into your AI.
If you do not want a specific Web page to be used by your AI, then you can simply disable it in one click. If you do not want to use a whole Web domain anymore, then you can also disable it.
You can periodically request a refresh of the content that we imported for all of your Web pages. We will crawl your website again and refresh your AI knowledge. Note that we do not automatically refresh your Web pages in the background, you have to request a refresh when relevant.

We may fail to crawl your whole domain, or certain pages, if you are using a Web firewall on your website to block bots and Web crawlers, eg. Cloudflare (not enabled by default) or Distil Networks. If that's the case, pages will not appear in the Web Content section, and we will inform you of the import failure. You will need to whitelist our crawler user agent and try again.

You can only import or refresh one Web domain at a time. If you want to add multiple domains, please first wait that the previous domain is done importing.

Add your website domain, and we import all your Web pages automatically

How can I use my Web Content?

You can use the Web Content pages that you've imported in your Crisp dashboard throughout Crisp products, such as the Crisp Chatbot.

To query your Web Content from your Chatbot, simply add a Search Webpages (AI) action block as such:

Helpdesk Articles

Most Crisp users subscribed to Crisp Unlimited already use the Crisp Helpdesk. You might already have written such helpdesk articles, containing extensive knowledge about your product.

Your MagicReply AI already uses your Crisp Helpdesk articles to train itself automatically. As you write, update or delete helpdesk articles, Crisp adds, update or remove knowledge in your AI.

A few notes about Helpdesk Articles:

If you hide a helpdesk article, it will also be removed from the AI knowledge.
Helpdesk articles that exceed a certain length will get trimmed before being fed to the AI for training. This should only rarely happen.
You can use the Crisp Chatbot to generate Helpdesk article suggestions using AI whenever an user asks a question over chat. Read our guide on How to on create a FAQ Chatbot powered by AI.

Inbox Messages

A lot of valuable information gets shared between your human support agent and your customers in the Crisp Inbox. This information, in certain cases, can be re-used to answer other customers in the future. The past conversations from your Crisp Inbox can be used to train your MagicReply AI.

By default, your MagicReply AI will not be automatically trained using your Inbox Messages. You will need to run a first training before you can use this Data Source.

Some notes about using the Inbox Messages as a data source:

You should periodically request a refresh of the MagicReply AI Data in order to keep your generated responses up-to-date with latest conversations. This does not need to be done that often if your Crisp Inbox history is already quite old. However, if your Crisp Inbox is relatively new, you could request a refresh more often at the beginning, as you are generating a lot of new valuable information every day.

For privacy and security reasons, the MagicReply AI never uses your Inbox Messages as a Data Source when generating automated responses and serving them to your users, without a human support agent reviewing it. Those past Inbox Messages might contain sensitive data from other customers of yours. Responses based on Inbox Messages are only generated as quick response suggestions in the Crisp Inbox, whenever an human support agent is in a conversation with a customer.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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