Nowadays, using a form to capture customers or leads data is common. Especially on pages like contact page or landing pages. The thing is, these forms are, most of the time, sending the information to an inbox that is not shared. Here is how you can centralize form's data inside Crisp.

Making easier for teams to answer and acknowledge customers or leads message is one of the goal that Crisp is targeting. Through this article, we will give you the main steps to let you catch form's data and send it as a conversation straight into your Crisp Inbox.

This tutorial is available on each plan, whether you're using Free, Basic or Unlimited plan

Here's what you need to succeed at this tutorial:
An API token to access our API
Knowledge in programming languages
A Website that uses forms

What are the API routes I should use to create a conversation inside Crisp?

There are 3 routes that you'll need to use at this stage to create a new conversation inside Crisp, that contains your form's data. Here they are:

Create a conversation:

Update the metas:

Send a message:

Where can I find an example about it?

on our Github account, you'll be able to find a detailed example on how it should be done using PHP.

You can click here to get started:
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