Triggers can be used to send automated events to the chatbox of your visitors & users. Triggers are activated upon events, and execute a given set of actions. You can configure as many Triggers as you wish for the same website on Crisp.

This guide goes into explaining the general concepts of triggers, and how everything is linked together.

Triggers are available from the Crisp Pro plan

Video tutorial:

What Triggers do?

Triggers help you automate your marketing by triggering automated chatbox actions, based on events, on the screen of your visitors.

They can be used, for instance, to:

Show a message to the user after a few seconds, and play a notification sound
Open the chatbox
Play a sound

What is an action?

An action tells what to do on the visitor chatbox once a Trigger is executed.

The following actions are available:

Show a message
Play a sound
Open chatbox

What is an event?

An event tells when to execute a given Trigger, and thus, a given action.

The following events are available:

Delay (eg. after 20 seconds on website, trigger the action)
Leave intent (eg. when user intents to leave the website by moving the mouse out of the tab)
Click on link (eg. when the user clicks on a certain link)
Page (eg. when the user accesses a certain page)
User event (eg. when a certain user event is pushed using $crisp.push(["set", "session:event", ["your_event_text"]]))
User data (eg. when a certain user data is set using $crisp.push(["set", "session:data", ["your_key", "your_value"]]))

The events can be combined. For instance, we can have the following combinations (other non-listed combinations are possible, of course):

After 1 minute on a given page (Delay + Page)
When leave intent after 2 seconds (Leave + Delay)

Show on specific pages

To show triggers on a specific subset of pages, you can use wildcards. Here are few examples:

Tip: If the domain you are using is, please provide as URL. The Crisp match system is really strict. If you provide and your website is in fact using, it won't work

Simple Wildcard*/pricing will show triggers on all pages like:

Double Wildcard

Using a double wildcard such as**, it will send a trigger on all subdirectories such as

Can I pause a specific Trigger?

It is possible to pause a specific Trigger by disabling it in the sidebar in the plugin options.

It will not remove the Trigger configuration; thus you can re-enable the Trigger anytime.

Why doesn't my Trigger work?

If a Trigger you created doesn't seem to work, consider the following:

Triggers are only executed when your website is set as online (support is online in chatbox)
Triggers are ignored if the chatbox is blocked for current user (eg. page blocked, or locale blocked in website settings)
Triggers are ignored if the chatbox already contains message (eg. for already active chat sessions)
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