Crisp allows to send rich text content using Markdown. Here is a cheasheet to use Crisp Markdown features:


[a link](

Bold Text

To use bold text:

**My Bold Text**

Italic text Text

To use italic text:

*Italic Text*

Underlined text

To use underlined text:

__Underlined Text__


Crisp allows to use lists
List may be bullet-points

To use lists:

* A point in your list


Crisp allows to use lists
List may be numbered

To use a numbered list:

1. This is my first point


Crisp allows to create big-text headers:

# This is a h1 header

## This is a h2 header

### This is a h3 header

#### This is a h4 header

##### This is a h5 header


You may add code using:

```<?php echo "Add your code"; ?>```

Inline Images

You may insert inline images using:


Youtube Videos

You may insert Youtube Videos using:


Where XXXXXXX is the Youtube Video ID. On it would be qgPN61LTzZM
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