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How can I create an AI Chatbot using ChatGPT?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect ChatGPT with Crisp to create an AI chatbot that is trained on your own documentation, such as your sitemap, PDF, CSV, Word files and many other sources. New about ChatGPT or Crisp? No problem, everything will be explained as it doesn't require any coding-skills.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a generative AI, created by OpenAI. ChatGPT leverages the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a subset of artificial intelligence, to allow chatbots to have a human-like conversation with real-humans. The AI model can answer many generic questions as it is trained on public data.

Bots created with ChatGPT can be integrated on any channel connected to Crisp, mobile application, Instagram, WhatsApp ...

Advantages of ChatGPT

The main advantage of chatGPT we're using here is the ability to access ChatGPT API, Plugins and Extensions, which are adding tons of possibilities on how you can use AI for your business. If you want to know more about chatGPT extension and install some, you can click here: ChatGPT Plugin Introduction

How to create an AI Chatbot using ChatGPT: the tutorial

Create an account on Crisp

Go to and create an account for free (you get 14 days of free trial that can be extended up to 30)
Install the chat widget on a test environment or initialize Crisp Helpdesk, from which the chat widget is automatically visible:

Click here to see how to install a chat widget
Click here to see how to enable Crisp Helpdesk

Choose the AI Chatbot that fits

Now that you're ready to bring some artificial intelligence and NLP to your chat widget, it's time to choose which plugin you want to enable. For now, Crisp Marketplace offers 4 different plugins that are using ChatGPT to create an AI Chatbot.

Here are the 4 plugin you can test (they are free), to see which one fits the best to your needs:
Support AI Chatbot
Your GPT AI Bot

Install the AI Chatbot Plugin

Once you've made-up your choice, it's time to get down to the installation process.

Go to Plugins and install the desired plugin by clicking "Install". For the sake of this tutorial, we will go with Support AI Chatbot.

Create an account on Enum, the service that powers the ChatGPT integration with Crisp Chatbot.

Add sources to teach your AI Chatbot about your product or service

In this case, I'll use the "Web site" source to grab content from an existing website and train the AI from there.

Launch a crawl of the required website (note that it could be your help center or any other online source).

Once crawl is over (or not), choose the pages you want to be indexed (can take some time, be patient)

Go to interaction and ask a question that relates to your business

Start a conversation from your existing website and ask a question

And voilà!

Going Beyond with multiple sources to train your AI Chatbot

On the example we built, answers are made of plain text, meaning there's no links to articles, videos or anything that makes the content fun to watch/read. To fix that, you can add another source of content, such as a Youtube channel.

In my example, I'd add the official Crossfit Youtube Channel to enhance the AI bot experience.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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