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How to add a live chat to my website?

So, you just signed up to Crisp and you are ready to add the chatbox code to your website? Great! This page will help you add Crisp to your HTML seamlessly. No need to be a developer.

First, we need to check which system your website runs on. Does it run on WordPress? Is it coded from scratch?

Video tutorial:

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Install a live chat for most websites

Here is how to retrieve your website code:

Go to
Then click integrations

Go to HTML
Copy the script tag

In the file serving the first portion of your HTML (<head />) section, copy and paste the code we provide you just before the <head /> tag.

If you can't find the <head /> tag, you can also copy the chatbox code before the end of the HTML body, eg: right before the <body /> tag.

Install a live chat on WordPress websites

If your website is running WordPress, you have to follow this tutorial.

Else, you can go straight to WordPress marketplace and download our plugin, see here for reference:

Install a live chat on Squarespace or Strikingly websites

If your website is running Squarespace, you have to follow this tutorial.

If your website is running Strikingly, you have to follow this tutorial.

Feeling lost?

If you can't figure out how to add Crisp to your website, chat with us. We will be happy to help!

You can also drop a comment below this article and someone from our team or from the community will reply.

How to create an account on Crisp

Simply reach out to and follow the process to get your WebsiteID and follow the process explained above. Don't forget that you can't do it using a mobile phone, it has to be done from a computer or a laptop.

Updated on: 09/05/2023

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