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How do I set the Chatbot for the right channel?

The Crisp chatbot is capable of triggering depending on the origin of the message. With Crisp, you can centralize your messages from Live Chat, Email, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Line, SMS (By Twilio), Telegram and more.

Thanks to our chatbot, you can build chatbot for Messenger, Chatbot for Twitter and chatbot for Line or Telegram.

This article explains how you can make your chatbot to trigger depending on the messages channel.

1. Add a "User Message Matches" Event

This event is the first step you should always set when building a chatbot within Crisp software. It will define the way you want your chatbot to be triggered. You'll then have the ability to set the channels which your chatbot can be triggered.

In this example, we've chosen the chatbot to trigger when the user message contains the word "demo"(displayed as demo in the chatbot) but if you want it to trigger on every message, just write "*"

2. Choose the right channel

Within the same event block, you have the ability to define in which channel you want the chatbot to trigger.
As mentioned before, there are different channels that are available, it's up to you to define which one you want to choose.

Once you've done these steps, you're totally able to dive into the chatbot and start to make your life much more easier!

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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