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How do I share embedded and external links with the Chatbot?

Using the Bot, you can leverage button pickers to open a link when users click them. Links can be opened in a new tab of the browser, but it is also possible to embed them in the chatbox. This is especially useful to quickly open a page while keeping your users on your platform.

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Adding a link to a button will simply require you add an Action block "Send Message: Button Picker". You do not need any Event block when adding a link to that button.

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Creating a button which opens a link

Inside of your scenario, you can open the Block Drawer from the left to drag a new Action block "Send Message: Button Picker" and start configuring the buttons you'll want to implement in your flow.

Once your button has been created, you can click the blue gear icon in order to display a sub-menu allowing to specify the url of the page that should be opened, and choose how the link should be incremented:
Embedded link (will open in the chatbox, great for articles, surveys, forms, calendars, etc)
External link (opens in a new tab, great to redirect the user to a product page, social media page, website, etc)

Note that buttons containing links cannot directly be tested from the Test area of the editor, this will require you to deploy your scenario and try it live directly

Let's see an example right away to illustrate the setup!

Adding a Link to your Buttons

Let's now review the details of the configuration:

This allows you to add more translations to your buttons, which will be displayed accordingly based on their language preferences. The "default locale" will be the default one if the user's language doesn't match one of the additional locale you configured.

The message attached to your picker message.

This is where you can add/remove buttons and set their label (the text appearing on the button). By clicking the "blue gear" icon, you will be able to configure special parameters visible on step 4.

By clicking the "blue gear" icon next to each button (as seen on step 3), it will display a menu allowing to specify:
How the link should be added (Embed vs External)
The URL of your link

This option can be toggled to turn a button mandatory. This means that the user will not be able to send message until a button has been clicked.

And voilà ! You've now incremented links to your buttons, that's all there is to it!

Here is an example of how Embedded links look like in the chatbox:
Examples of Embedded Links

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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