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How to create a product carousel for your chatbot?

Automated product recommendation is one of the most trending topic in terms of conversational marketing. With product carousel, you can step in the the trend super easily.

Product carousel is a feature available in the chatbot, granted from the Unlimited plan

From the chatbot, you can create, edit and delete scenarios that have super specific behaviours. This is a great feature because with one scenario, you can automate answer on more than 10 different channels.

Get started with the 'Send Message' action block

At first, you gotta understand this new feature is an evolution of an existing one. If you've already been using the chatbot, you know you have different types of messages that can be sent through the bot:

Text message
File to download
Animation (GIF)
Input field
Private note
Button picker

The last one is the one we are going to have a focus on. For more details on blocks and chatbot features, please refer to this article:

➡️ How to get started with Crisp chatbot

Modify the behavior of a button click

The easiest way is to use our chatbot builder, that you can find by going to the plugin section from your Crisp inbox and search for "Bot".

Once you're in the carousel picker edition mode you can see different options that appears. This is what will allow you to display products automatically to your customers to create a custom behavior following a click on a button through a chatbot scenario.

You can add up to 3 buttons per products and 10 carousels per message.

⚠️ Make sure to configure links the right way, it should set as "" and not ""

Product carousel are believed to be online store privilege but it's wrong. It's also the perfect use case for companies selling services. What a better way than showcasing different services when a lead is interested?

If you still have time, check these two guides to make the most out of Crisp as an online business or a SaaS:
Getting started with Crisp as an online store
Getting started with Crisp as a SaaS

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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