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How to create a weekend response bot?

The Crisp Bot plugin lets you automatically respond to user messages. You may want to respond conditionally, for instance only during weekend. This articles explains how you can do that. This can also be used to respond during weekdays.

Weekend bot response flow

Here's the flow and how you would like the bot to behave; to warn your users that the support is unavailable during weekend:

An user sends a message over your Crisp chatbox (either a new conversation, or existing conversation);
The bot detects that current day of the week is either Saturday or Sunday;
The bot detects that no operator is online (ie. your website support is away);
The bot sends a response message to inform that support is closed on weekends (and that you will get back on Monday);
IMPORTANT: the bot stops the scenario there, using an exit block (this prevents the scenario to fire over and over again if the user sends more messages);

Bot scenario setup

As you can read below, your first block needs to match on * (ie. any message). This scenario will capture all other scenarios, as it matches any message. Even if your bot is not on weekend, and you have other scenarios capturing a precise message eg. *hello*, this one may run first and stop (as it's not the weekend). It will prevent other scenarios from capturing the first message. Thus, for users running multiple message-capturing scenarios, we advise to create a global "routing scenario", that fuzzy matches any message, and exits on the relevant scenario depending on simple conditions. For instance, it may branch to the weekend response scenario if it's the weekend, or else branch on another scenario.

The general bot flow is as follows:

Event Block: "User Message Matches" to match pattern: * (ie. any message);
Condition Block: "Day Of The Week Matches" to match: saturday and sunday days;
Condition Block: "Check Website Availability" to match: away (ie. support offline);
Action Block: "Send Message" to send your weekend notice message;
Exit Block: "Stop Scenario" to ensure your weekend message is not sent over and over again in the same conversation;

The flow as configured in the Bot plugin:

Weekend response bot flow

Block configuration details

You can find below the configuration details of each block for this bot. You may use this configuration as a reference to how you can configure your own bot:

Block #1 setup (Line #2 of flow)

Block #2 setup (Line #3 of flow)

Block #3 setup (Line #4 of flow)

Block #4 setup (Line #5 of flow)

Result in chatbox

"Et voilà!"

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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