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How to create advanced filter?

Advanced filters are made to make your life easier. They can be used to filter contacts and build targeting list for your campaigns. Here's how to get started with advanced filters.

Advanced filters are only available on the Unlimited plan

Within your contact management tab inside Crisp, you have the ability to build advanced filters to display a special list of users.

What is an advanced filter?

An advanced filter is a feature that allows anyone in the Unlimited plan to filter contacts from the contact tabs. It's totally different from custom filters that are available in the inbox to any Crisp user.

Advanced filters are powerful because they allow you to combine different kind of data to display the right list of users. Advanced filters can be saved and reused for other purpose such as automated or one-shot campaigns.

What are the filtering options to build advanced filters

There are plenty of options available for every company to build the best targeting lists.

Most used criteria

Email Address: User email Address
Contact full name: User full name
Contact custom data: User custom data added by your own mean
Contact language: User spoken language
Contact country: User country location
Contact city: User city location
Contact provided ratings: User CSAT
Contact Segment: Segments assigned to the profile

All criteria

Email Address
Contact full name
Contact gender
Contact custom data
Contact phone number
Contact timezone
Contact language
Contact country
Contact region
Contact city
Job name
Job title
Contact last active date
Contact creation date
Contact provided rating
Contact segments
Contact Company
Company domain name
Company timezone
Company country
Company region
Company city

How to create advanced filters?

To create filters, simply click on "+ New filter" button and combine the different options to build a list of contacts that fit with your requirements.

Once you've created your advanced filters, make sure to use them inside the campaign feature. Whether it's an automated or a one-shot campaign, you can now take advantage of fine grained filters to send the right message to the right group of people.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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