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How to embed an external link in a chatbot scenario?

Crafting custom experiences lives at the heart of unique customer experience. Using Crisp chatbot, you can push embedded links from a chatbot scenario, right after clicking on a button. It opens up your Crisp widget to a large set of possibilities.

This feature is available from the Unlimited plan only. Make sure you are on the right plan!

From the chatbot, you can create, edit and delete scenarios that have super specific behaviours. This is a great feature because with one scenario, you can automate answers on more than 10 different channels.

Get started with the 'Send Message' action block

At first, you gotta understand this new feature is an evolution of an existing one. If you've already been using the chatbot, you know you have different types of messages that can be sent through the bot:

Text message
File to download
Animation (GIF)
Input field
Private note
Button picker

The last one is the one we are going to have a focus on. For more details on blocks and chatbot features, please refer to this article:

➡️ How to get started with Crisp chatbot

An example of a send message action block using a button picker type

Modify the behavior of a button click

Using the chatbot builder

The easiest way is to use our chatbot builder, that you can find by going to the plugin section from your Crisp inbox and search for "Bot".

Once you're in the button picker edition mode you can now see a new button that appears. This is where you want to click to create a custom behavior following a click on a button through a chatbot scenario.

Once clicking on the blue button, here is what you should do:
Open the dropdown menu
Select "Embed target URL"
Add the external URL of your dream such as Calendly link or a Videoask records

What does it look like to embed an external link within the Crisp Website Widget?

Here is a quick example of what a chatbot scenario could be when using an embeded link in the chat widget.

Updated on: 07/12/2022

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