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How to monitor user ratings thanks to Crisp?

Enhancing your customer experience is something we really thrive on at Crisp. To help you, we've designed a feature that will help your business to know how your customers have felt while dealing with your support.

An hour later after the conversation has ended, an email is sent to the user asking how they felt while dealing with your customers' support. Please note that the rating is automatically sent via email regardless of the chat status.

Thanks to Crisp, you can improve your customers' relationship through dedicated ratings for each conversation. This information is also available inside the CRM straight inside Crisp.

What does the email looks like?

Transcript ratings

As you can see, it's integrated into the transcript body which is sent after a conversation is resolved.

Can I change the content of the email?

At the moment, it is not possible to modify the content of this email

Can I choose when this email is sent?

At the moment, it is not possible to choose when you want this email to be sent.

Can I disable this feature?

Yes, you can disable this feature by following this path:
Settings > Website Settings > Settings > Chatbox Settings > Email Settings > Enable ratings (in chatbox and transcript emails)

Where can I see my ratings?

You can access the global ratings by going into the analytics section and then clicking on "Ratings"

Ratings available in the analytics section

You can also have a deeper look at previous ratings by analyzing the previous weeks' comments

Detailed ratings

Can I contact users depending on their ratings?

Yes! You have to sort users by using an advanced search in the Contact section. Then you can export this list to create a drip campaign.

Contacts ratings greater than 2

As you can see, from our CRM, you can create filters that will let you address specific messages to happy and unhappy customers.

How to get started with user feedback?

That's dead simple, you'll simply have to activate the feature inside your inbox settings.

Here is the path you should follow: Settings > Website Settings > Settings > Chatbox & email behaviour > Email Settings

Updated on: 24/04/2023

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