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How to set user data in user profile by using the chatbot?

The Crisp chatbot is capable of memorizing values in an internal memory tied to each chat session. This memory can be used to store values the user entered, for instance, their name when they filled a form you've sent to them.

This quick guide will show you how to set user data within a chat session to be able to use it in order to know How to make my Chatbot look more human-like?

1. Insert the right field

Cathing user data needs necessarily a specific field: Input field or action field. They are features of the "Send Message" button which is an action block.

2. Set message action

Once you've defined the right field you want to send to the user, you'll have to set it up to catch the right data. The chatbot offers 3 fields that you'll have to set up to save the data within the ongoing session.

For Input field

For Action field

3. Catch user data

In order to catch user data that has been fulfilled by the user, you have to use the "Message Action" Event available in the "red blocks"

For Input field

For Action field

Please remember the value that you've just set because you'll need them in the next step so make them relevant to the action they refer to.

4. Set User Data

Inside Crisp Chatbot, you have different ways of saving data. There are Actions blocks like :
Set User Nickname for setting up your user nickname
Set User Email for setting up your user email
Set User Phone for setting up your user email
Set Session Data for any other kind of data you want to use within the chat session
Store Memory in user data for any kind of data you want to save in user profile

For Nickname, Email & Phone data

You'll just have to select the right action block, available in the chatbot list of action. Remember to use only the memory key and not he static value.

For Memory in User Data

With this feature, you'll be able to save data that has been given by the user but is not User Nickname, User Email or User Phone.

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Updated on: 13/06/2022

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