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How to sign my GDPR Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?

Companies using Crisp and handling European user data (ie. people living in the European Union) may need to sign a Data Processing Agreement (also called DPA), as part of GDPR requirements. This article explains how to get and sign your DPA.

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To sign your DPA, you need to get it from your Crisp dashboard, and send it back signed. Check the instructions below on how to do it. In order to upload the signed DPA, you need to be an owner of your Crisp website. DPAs contracts are per-website.

To sign your DPA with Crisp, you may follow those steps:

Go to:
Go to your settings: click on the settings icon
Click on "Websites"
Pick your website in the list
At the bottom of the website settings, click on "Legal & contracts"
In the opened box, click on "Contract Agreements"
Download the GDPR contract that's in the list
Fill and sign the PDF you downloaded, either electronically or on printed paper
Upload back the signed PDF in the same section in your Crisp app (if signed on paper, please scan the contract properly; note that there's a file size limit of approximately 4MB)
Wait for the upload confirmation to appear. It's done!

You may cancel the DPA contract at any time in the same section, and sign it again later on.

Once signed, upload your DPA contract PDF there

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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