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How to take advantage of customer feedback?

Using customer feedback to improve customer experience is something we really thrive on at Crisp. From now you can export new user feedback through a webhook, here's how you should do.

This feature is only available from the Unlimited plan

Customers feedback are centralized inside your analytics

Until now, feedback were centralized inside the Analytics tabs. It allowed you to monitor each feedback, given per users. You could then return back to the conversation and send the appropriate message, based on the review the customer gave about your customer service.

A view of Crisp customer feedback for 2020

Sharing customer feedback

Here is the thing, some customers got back to us because they wanted to share the quality of their customer service. Following this request, we added a webhook that looks for new feedback.

You can activate it over your Inbox settings, it's called session:sync:rating

WebHook settings

As a mean of example, here's what we've done using this webhook.

Monitor bad customer feedback inside Slack

Connect the webhook to Zapier

Zapier offer the ability to receive webhooks inside his own interface and share the data with multiple other software.

Zapier Webhook

Add a filtering option

We want to monitor ratings that are lower than 4 out of 5. We decided to add a filter to the zap so it only continues if the data sent through the Zap is lower.

Doing a filter inside a Zap

Send the message to Slack

We decided to send the message over Slack inside a specific channel, called "Feedback".

Any other great things to do with these customer feedback? Feel free to share it with us

Updated on: 29/11/2022

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