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How to use the Helpdesk

Websites using Crisp may create their own Helpdesk via Crisp Helpdesk. It is a convenient way to create a public Knowledge Base website to help your users.

Required plan for Helpdesk

The Helpdesk feature is available in Crisp Unlimited. You need to make sure your website is subscribed to that plan so that you can use the Helpdesk feature.

Check the Crisp Pricing page if you need more information on our plans.

How to create my Helpdesk?

Before you can use your Helpdesk, it must be initiated as follows:

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Settings, then click on Helpdesk
An orange notice will be visible, prompting you to initialize your Helpdesk, click on it and follow the instructions, as shown in the images below

Click on Initialize my Helpdesk

Configure your Helpdesk name and domain

Then, your Helpdesk will be available online shortly. Allow a few minutes for the SSL certificate for your Helpdesk domain to be generated. Once online, you will be prompted to add a language. Read the next section.

How to add a new language to my Knowledge Base?

The Crisp Knowledge Base system is multilingual. You can add as many languages as you want, and write articles in each of those languages. Your users can switch between languages and you can point them to articles in their native language.

Before your knowledge base is available online, you need to add at least 1 language. Follow those steps:

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Helpdesk (in the sidebar)
You will be prompted to add a new language, confirm you want to do so
You are prompted the language you want to add, pick a language (you can add more later on)

Pick a language for your Helpdesk

Once the language is added, your Helpdesk will be available online under that language.

How to customize my Knowledge Base?

Your Knowledge Base can be customized to fit with your brand design. Follow those steps to find your Knowledge settings:

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Settings, then click on Helpdesk
Click on "Customize your Helpdesk"

The Helpdesk customization settings

You can customize the Helpdesk header and footer logos with your own brand logo. In the "Customize your Helpdesk" settings, look for "Header logo" and "Footer logo".

SVG images recommended, as they scale better on different screen resolutions.

For the header logo, upload a light (eg. white) logo. For the footer logo, upload a dark (eg. black) logo. This ensures both logo are readable based on the header & footer background.

The customized header logo of a Crisp Helpdesk

Helpdesk banner

Recommend helpdesk banner size is 1000 x 200 px

Change Helpdesk color

The main color of your Helpdesk is based on the color of your Crisp chatbox. If your chatbox is set to be blue, then your Helpdesk will be blue.

If you want to change the color of your Helpdesk, you will need to change the color of your chatbox. Read this article on how to do it.

Colors set in the Crisp customization plugin are used as the color of your Helpdesk too (if any is set).

Change Helpdesk header pattern

If your chatbox has a pattern image configured (ie. the subtle pattern you see as the background of your chatbox), this same pattern will be used in the header of your Helpdesk. If your chatbox has no pattern configured, then your Helpdesk won't have any used too.

You can also upload a custom header background image from the "Customize your Helpdesk" settings. Make sure to upload an image that scales well on large screens.

A customized Helpdesk header pattern (notice the subtle background images)

How to set a custom domain for my Helpdesk?

We made a dedicated tutorial for this: Setup Your Helpdesk Domain

How to add categories to my Helpdesk?

Categories can be added in your Helpdesk, and are visible on your Helpdesk homepage. They are used to group articles and allow for easy user browsing.

For instance, you may want to create a category regarding the "Billing" of your product:

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Helpdesk (in the sidebar)
Click on "Categories" in the left navigation bar
Click on "New category" in (top left of screen)
Give a name to your category and create it
In the categories list, click on your category and add a description and an image
You may add an order index number, which can be used to order categories between each other (eg. show some categories at the top and others at the bottom)

If you don't want to show category images on your Helpdesk homepage, you may disable category images in the Helpdesk customization settings.

A category being edited

How to write Helpdesk articles?

Helpdesk articles can be written in the Helpdesk editor in the Crisp App. They are formatted with Markdown, which is explained in details in this article.

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Helpdesk (in the sidebar)
Click on "Articles" in the left navigation bar
Click on "New article" in (top left of screen)
Proceed writing your article
Don't forget to categorize your article (give it a category)

An article needs to be published to be visible on your public Helpdesk. Saving it is not sufficient. Once the article is published online, you can edit it anytime and save without having to re-publish.

How to send articles from my Helpdesk in conversations?

In conversations with your users, you may sometimes want to send an Helpdesk article directly, rather than composing a long answer.

A quick Helpdesk search feature is available in the Crisp Apps. Simply start a new message with "?" and then enter your search query. Helpdesk articles will be then suggested, based on the article titles.

You may then select an article and hit enter. Then, your message field will be populated with the link to the article, as well as the article title. You may now send the generated message to the person you chat with.

Search your Helpdesk with the ? keyword

How to delete my Helpdesk ?

If you want to disable it, and no longer wish to use this feature. You'll have to uninstall the helpdesk plugin, in the plugin section. This way, the helpdesk will be totally reset and will no longer appear for you or your customers.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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