Crisp allows you to chose the color of your chatbox in a large set of predefined colors. Those colors match deliciously the overall look of the chatbox and allow you to adapt the chatbox to the design of your website.

Changing the color of the chatbox does not affect how the live chat works.

You can change the chatbox color in your website settings

Here's how to proceed:

Login to:
Go to your website settings: click on the "Settings" icon on the left sidebar, then click on "Websites Settings" and select the target website in the list
Select Chatbox & Email settings
Go to chatbox appearance
Select your color in "Color Theme"
Your color is auto-saved

Using a custom color code

Using a custom color code is possible starting Crisp Pro using the customization plugin. Please check the following article to set this up: How to customize my chatbox?
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