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Moving from Gorgias

Considering a switch from Gorgias, the leading helpdesk platform for online merchants? Awesome! We're more than happy to help you with this guide that will let you understand the key steps towards your migration.

>>> Check-out details on our Shopify integration
>>> Check-out details on our Adobe Commerce (Magento) integration

Things you should know 📚

We're not cheaper Gorgias, we are Crisp, we have advantages and disadvantages compared to what the customer service software for e-commerce offers. Here's what you should know. Want a deep-dive comparison? Check out our dedicated comparison article between Gorgias and Crisp.

Crisp also benefits from a dedicated Shopify app that allows any Shopify online store to seamlessly move from Gorgias to Crisp. Check Crisp app for Shopify and see if it fits with your customer service experience.

Crisp is focused on messaging

As you know, Gorgias is a helpdesk for e-commerce that offers numerous features -- From ticketing to chatbot and their Shopify integration. It's a whole platform of products, and customer service is their main focus.

At Crisp, we believe ticketing is an old-fashioned way of dealing with customers. What's worse than calling your customers using a number and not their real name? That's why, at Crisp, we do messaging. Because not all conversations need to be a task, all customers' requests land in a single and unique thread.

The goal here is multiple: make it easy for agents to get context about previous interactions, get personal with customers, make your brand more human.

Wondering how to handle complex requests? No worries, we got your back, we've created advanced integration with project management tools to let you handle everything from Crisp.

We have a different approach to conversational experiences

Gorgias treats all conversations as tickets. Customers can open several tickets at the same time. At Crisp, we believe everything should lie in the same conversation, just like on your beloved messaging apps.

It's easier for the customer, and for the support agent.

Understand the features 🧐

A lot of terminology - like "chat widget" - remains the same between Gorgias and Crisp. If you've been using Gorgias, Crisp works as a shared inbox where everyone can have access to all the incoming requests. There are some differences you should be aware of:

Tags - Gorgias allows you to tag tickets. Crisp calls them Segments and allows for segments to be set on conversations and user profile.
Tickets - Gorgias does ticketing. Crisp calls for conversations, on multiple channels.
Macros - Gorgias offers Macros to send dynamic messages. At Crisp, it's called shortcuts and offers a large amount of dynamic data, available from the Shopify integration or natively offered through Crisp.

Crisp has an open platform policy

You want to go deeper than what we offer on Adobe Commerce, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Shopify? No problem. At Crisp, our offer comes with an extensive API that contains everything you need to create tailor-made experiences for your company.

Whether it is back-end or front-end, we got your back:
Click here to discover our JS SDK
Click here to discover our APIs

Gorgias Widget ➡️ Crisp Widget

If you're using Gorgias API or JS SDK to send customer data and details to your Gorgias workspace, keep in mind you can do very similar things with your Crisp inbox. To log custom fields, (such as role, plan, or any interesting information) to the Crisp sidebar, you can use our Javascript SDK or our RestAPI (available in 5 different programming languages).

If you want to merge sessions between known and unknown visitors, in a case of multi-device experiences, you can set up our Session Continuity token. Click here to check it out.

Check out our Helpdesk SDK, which is really interesting in terms of on-site interactions. Click here for more details.

Importing your data from Gorgias 📥

Moving from your existing helpdesk can be a pain, so we try to make it easy and hassle free. Here are the different steps you should take to move away from Gorgias.

Importing contacts on Crisp

Crisp has made importing contacts from Gorgias super easy. With a simple database extraction form your tickets on Gorgias, you can get all the details you need to build a strong database on Crisp. For reference, here is how to extract tickets from Gorgias.

It can be done in bulk too. Check this Gorgias article to understand how to do it: Bulk actions on Gorgias.

Importing your Gorgias help center

Crisp has made importing your e-commerce FAQ from Gorgias very easy. What you need to give is the URL where we can access the existing help center. That's it. Simply follow the required steps to import all your help center articles automatically:
Reach out to Crisp Knowledge
Click on "Actions" at the top right
Select "Import Articles"
Set the URL of your existing Gorgias help center
Let Crisp do the job

Importing conversations (aka tickets)

At the moment, Gorgias allows you to extract a CSV file that contains all the tickets. What we suggest is to import them using our automated bulk importer that goes through our API.

Three solutions here :
Get in touch with your agency to set up
Do it yourself
Get back to us to get an intro with an ecommerce agency mastering the process

For details, click here to access our documentation on how to import tickets automatically from Gorgias.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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