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How to install Crisp helpdesk and live chat on Adobe Commerce?

Installing Crisp on your Adobe Commerce online store (previously known as Magento) requires a couple steps. The integration will enable the chat widget on your online store as well as the creation of an helpdesk for your e-commerce activity and will be very useful to synchronize customers' data for each conversation, no matter the channel.

Note that you can download our Crisp extension for Adobe Commerce on Adobe Marketplace, available here:

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How to install Crisp on Adobe Commerce (Magento) using Composer?

Note: This plugin is still in public beta. If you experience any issues please contact our support.

Ensure composer is installed in your Magento root directory, otherwise install composer.
Remaining in your Magento root directory, enter the following commands to install the extension:

# Update your compose.json file
composer require crisp-chat/chatbox-and-helpdesk:1.0.0

# Enable the Crisp module:
bin/magento module:enable Crisp_Crisp

# Register the extension and update the database schema & data
bin/magento setup:upgrade

# Generate the new code
bin/magento setup:di:compile

# Deploy static files
bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

# Clean the cache
bin/magento cache:clean

Next, you will need your Crisp website_id in order to configure your chat widget on your online store. You can find your websiteID in Crisp > Settings > Website settings > (select website) > Setup Instructions. Also, we have an article that explains how to find the websiteID: How to find WebsiteID?

In your Adobe online store, go to Stores > Configuration > Crisp > Settings > then paste your website_id and save your settings. Once saved, you will now be able to see the Crisp Live Chat on your e-commerce store.

In order to create a true helpdesk for e-commerce and see your customers' carts and orders, you will need to activate the integration. In your Magento (Adobe Commerce) admin area go to: System > Integrations and Activate the Crisp integration.

Approve the permissions required to view your customers' order data.
A popup window will open for Crisp, login and install the Adobe Commerce plugin on your Crisp Workspace.
Magento is connected to Crisp!

How does the Adobe Commerce <> Crisp integration work?

When your customer contacts you through the chatbox, you will have access to view what your customer currently has in their basket. If your customer has an account on your website and is logged in, you will also have the option to see any past orders.

#How to download Adobe Commerce Extension?

You can access the extension from Adobe Commerce marketplace, which is available here: and search for "Crisp".

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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