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Moving from Drift

Considering a switch from Drift to Crisp? Awesome! We're happy to help you to switch to Crisp. Through this quick guide, we will show you what are the key steps to migrate from Drift to Crisp.

Switching from Drift to Crisp is easy. You’ll spend less time ‘building’ bots and setting up ‘playbooks’, and more time on converting your qualified leads into customers, chatting with your leads and bringing the whole company around one tool where support, sales & marketing work together to improve customers' and leads' satisfaction.

In this guide, you'll find:
- Things you should know about Crisp Vs Drift
- How to export users' data from Drift to Crisp
- How to qualify leads automatically using our bot builder
- Nurture leads with our customer engagement tool

Things you should know 📚

Crisp is focused on messaging

As you know, Drift does a lot of thing but is mainly focused on sales team -- from email marketing to web analytics, sales bot to in-app messaging. It's a whole platform that helps sales team to increase their figures.

Crisp is messaging focused so expect to have more conversations using Crisp. Through this guide, we'll make sure you set Crisp properly so you can easily handle more conversations.

Crisp loads much faster than Drift

At Crisp, we trust that performance are serious matters. That's why Crisp is one of the fastest providers on the market. Crisp is only 130KB to download. Less than most JPG images.

An independent review has been made by a specialist and Crisp has been rated 1st among other live chat software.

As you can see in the article, Crisp chat widget loads in 1.5s when Drift chat widget does in 7.8s which can be harmful for your customer experience.

Crisp has an open platform policy

As you know, Drift offers a very small part of his own API. At Crisp, you can enjoy an exhaustive API that contains every route that we use to serve Crisp to our customers. Therefore, you'll be able to build powerful integrations and go even deeper thanks to our JS SDK for front-end interactions.

Keep your leads and user' details

Crisp has made importing contact from Drift really easy. With a simple database extraction from your contact tabs in Drift, you obtain a CSV file. With this file, you simply import it in Crisp CRM.

Export your contact list from Drift and import then into Crisp using our dedicated feature. Here is an article about how to import users' data.

If you're lazy enough to click, here is the process:

Reach out to Crisp CRM (also known as Contacts)
Click on "Actions" at the top right of the screen
Select "Import contact profiles"
Configure your import and map your CSV file
Let Crisp do the job 🎉

Another way to do it would be to use our API and build a script that would import your data from your existing backend to Crisp.

Drift Chat ▶️Crisp Chat

If you want to merge data from unknown visitors to logged in visitors, feel free to check out this article: How to restore chat sessions with a token?

We also have native mobile apps iOS SDK and Android chat SDK that are available on each plan

With the Javascript, iOS chat sdk or Android chat SDK you can control and build pretty cool stuff using Crisp chat widget.

Qualify leads automatically

You were probably using Drift’s bot, LeadBot, before. The bot process is quite the same with Crisp, you create scenarios that rely on specific use cases.

With our visual chatbot builder, the setup process is even easier and results are much more powerful.

If you wish to create your scenarios immediately, we recommend you to check this youtube playlist, that contains everything you have to know about how to build custom chatbot.

Nurture leads with targeted messages

Converting your leads into paying customers takes more than booking meetings.

When you used Drift, you used ‘playbooks’ to send messages to your leads. With Crisp, you can create an intelligent series of messages based on users interactions and any data or behaviour, to encourage your leads or users to take the next steps or to complete a goal.

Check our Campaign tool to better understand how you can bring value to your leads or customers.

It's the perfect tool that combines customer engagement and lead nurturing to improve your funnel.

Importing your knowledge base

Crisp has made importing knowledge base from Drift really easy. We know Drift doesn't offer a knowledge base as itself. Still, what you need to give us is the URL we can access your knowledge base. That's it. Simply follow the required steps to automate knowledge base import:

Reach out to Crisp Knowledge
Click on "Actions" at the top right of the screen
Select "Import articles"
Set the url of your existing knowledge base
Let Crisp do the job 🎉

Check out more details here.

Importing conversations

At the moment, Drift doesn't offer any possibility regarding the export of your conversations. What we suggest is to keep a paid account in Drift during the transition for about 2 or 3 months while starting to get conversations inside Crisp.

From then, simply unsubscribe from Drift once you think you'll not need it anymore.

Still wondering if Crisp is a good alternative to Drift? We've created a dedicated page that will give you all the reason to switch from Drift to Crisp.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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