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What is custom data and why is it powerful?

Whether you're an e-commerce, a SaaS, a retailer or a real estate, you store key data about your activity and your customers. This data, called custom data, can be brought from your existing database to Crisp. Here is why it is important and how you should use this feature to build the best customer experience.

What is custom data?

So custom data is the data that you can bring from your existing backend, e-commerce or any database that stores your key data. It's important for you to think about how to import custom data to Crisp because it will help you in multiple ways.

There are two types of custom data in Crisp. Session data and Contact data.

Session data

Session data is the data stored at a conversation level. It is unique to each conversation with the user.

Contact data

Contact data is the data stored at the user profile level. Session data are aggregated in the custom data section of each user. It flows from session data to contact data automatically.

To summarize, the contact contains general data and aggregated data from multiple conversations, while a conversation contains data that was set just for that specific conversation.

view of a user profile with a focus on custom data

Why is custom data important?

Custom data are vital using Crisp because it will allow your teams to build the best interactions with your customers or leads.

Custom data for customer support

Contact data

Being able to display key information such as average basket value, transaction number, plan_price or even average csat for each conversation is game changer because it will allow your team to behave as if you knew the customer.

In a world where personalization is the key to exceptional customer experience, it's time to think about these tiny details that prevent your teams from asking repetitive questions.

Example of custom data brought to conversations

Shortcut data

Within Crisp, you can take advantage of shortcuts, which are templated answer to repetitive questions. Inside shortcuts, you can add custom data to personalize your message and improve the proximity with your customers.

That is a very powerful way of doing personalization, at scale.

Custom data for drip campaigns

Whether you know it or not, you can send drip email and chat campaigns from Crisp. Bringing custom data to targeting options will make your campaigns even more accurate.

You could combine existing targeting options such as country (that is natively available within Crisp) and combine it with your custom data such as price_plan to target people that might be interested by an upgrade for example.

Example of custom data being used for a drip campaign

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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