Available on Crisp Pro, Shortcuts are a great way to reply faster to your customers.

Here is how to use it.

1. Add a shortcut

Connect to https://app.crisp.chat/settings/shortcuts/
You need to add a !bang. This bang will be a word which will be used later to reply faster. Like !forget_password
You can organize then your shortcuts using categories, like Videos, Greetings, Products, etc.
Finally, write your sentence

How to setup a shortcut

2. Reply using a shortcut

Tip: to reply using a shortcut you need to start your sentence with: !

Start your sentence with an exclamation character.

3. Format your shortcuts with macros

If you need to insert dynamic content in your shortcut text (eg. a name, a country), you can use shortcut macros.

Shortcut macros use a specific syntax that you use in your shortcut texts, that you must expand once you use your shortcut in a conversation. In the case a shortcut text contains a macro, you will be forced to expand all macro variables when calling the shortcut.

The macro is formatted as such: {{ macro_name }} (where macro_name can be anything; it is solely used as a label for your operators).

For instance, the shortcut: Hello, {{ name }}! with bang !greet can be expanded to Hello, John! by calling !greet John.

You can insert multiple macros per shortcut messages. To expand those, call you shortcut !bang with a space-delimitated ordered list of the values to insert.

Want to know more about Shortcuts? We offer free webinars to help you better enjoy our software:

Want to have a quick overview of the feature? Discover how shortcuts can help your company
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