Available on Crisp Pro, Shortcuts are a great way to reply faster to your customers. Also known as canned messages, they are strong asset to build an impressive customer service.

Here is how to use it.

1. Add a shortcut

Connect to https://app.crisp.chat/settings/shortcuts/
You need to add a !bang. This bang will be a word which will be used later to reply faster. Like !forget_password
You can organize then your shortcuts using categories, like Videos, Greetings, Products, etc.
Finally, write your sentence

How to setup a shortcut

2. Reply using a shortcut

Tip: to reply using a shortcut you need to start your sentence with: !

Start your sentence with an exclamation character.

3. Format your shortcuts with macros

If you need to insert dynamic content in your shortcut text (eg. a name, a country), you can use shortcut macros.

Shortcut macros use a specific syntax that you use in your shortcut texts, that you must expand once you use your shortcut in a conversation. In the case a shortcut text contains a macro, you will be forced to expand all macro variables when calling the shortcut.

The macro is formatted as such: {{ macro_name }} (where macro_name can be anything; it is solely used as a label for your operators).

For instance, the shortcut: Hello, {{ name }}! with bang !greet can be expanded to Hello, John! by calling !greet John.

You can insert multiple macros per shortcut messages. To expand those, call your shortcut !bang with a space-delimitated ordered list of the values to insert.

Want to have a quick overview of the feature? Discover how shortcuts can help your company
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