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Which devices & Web browsers my Helpdesk is compatible with?

Crisp Helpdesk was designed for modern Web browsers. It targets a wide range of device types, eg. Desktop, Mobile, Tablets. This article explains which device and browser compatibility you can expect of it.

Compatible browsers

Here's a list of Helpdesk-compatible browsers:

Chrome (Desktop & Mobile)
Firefox (Desktop & Mobile)
Safari (Desktop & Mobile)
Edge (Desktop & Mobile)
Opera (Desktop & Mobile)

Crisp Helpdesk is not compatible with Internet Explorer. This Web browser is deprecated, and a high-level of user experience could not be reached without dropping support for it. Also, Crisp Helpdesk works best on latest updates of the compatible browsers above.

Supported device types

Here's a list of Helpdesk-compatible device types:

Desktop Computers
Mobile Phones (Small & Large screens)
Tablet Devices
TV Screens

Crisp Helpdesk is responsive, and thus can be downscaled and upscaled as the screen resolution or browser window size changes.

How does it look like on different devices?

Crisp Helpdesk on an Android Phone

Crisp Helpdesk on an iPad Tablet

Crisp Helpdesk on a Desktop Browser

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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