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How can I add a new language to my Helpdesk?

Willing to offer a multilingual knowledge base system to your customers? here is how you can add as many languages as you want, and write articles in each of those languages.

Building a multilingual knowledge base is easy and will improve your customers' experience. That's why Crisp offers the ability to create multiple knowledge base within the same environment.

Here is how you can create new language for your knowledge center. Note that Helpdesk is a feature available within the Unlimited plan.

Before your knowledge base is available online, you need to add at least 1 language.

Create a knowledge base

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Helpdesk (in the sidebar)
You will be prompted to add a new language, confirm you want to do so
You are prompted the language you want to add, pick a language (you can add more later on)

Pick a language for your Helpdesk

How to create a multilingual knowledge base?

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Helpdesk (in the sidebar)
Click on the action button at the top right of your screen
Click on "Add a new language" button, as showcased below and choose the language you want to add to your knowledge base

Add a new language to your knowledge base

Once the language is added, your Helpdesk will be available online under that language.

How to switch from one language to another?

Click on the upper left of your helpdesk screen
Choose the language you're willing to modify

Switch from one knowledge base to another

How to copy knowledge articles from one language to another

We know it might be discouraging to have to copy and paste each articles. That's why we've built an automated importing solution that will allow to import knowledge articles straight into your new knowledge base language.

That's really easy and might save you tons of time.

The workaround here is to use our importing tool for knowledge base to automatically add articles in your new knowledge environment.

Go to your Helpdesk
Click on the "Actions" button, at the upper right of your screen
Click on "Import articles"
Fill in the URL from the existing knowledge base you want articles to be imported from.

Make sure you're on the right knowledge base version (meaning here, the right language) before importing the articles otherwise you'll get a two fold knowledge within the same environment

Articles won't be translated automatically, you'll still have to translate article by yourself.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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