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How can I add conversation participants ? (CC recipients)

In some cases, while providing customer support for a user, they may request that one of their team member be added to the conversation you have with them. Crisp lets you do just that, by adding "participants" to the conversation, which are pretty much like using CCs in the world of traditional email.

Replying to a user of yours in a conversation with multiple participants would send an email to all participants in this conversation, sending the same reply to all participants, and letting each one of them answer to your message from their email inbox.

Participant limits per Crisp plan

Adding participants to a conversation is possible on all Crisp plans, from Basic to Unlimited. However, there are limits on the number of simultaneous participants that can be part of a conversation at the same time, which vary per-plan.

Participants are limited to:

Crisp Unlimited: 10 participants per conversation (+ the conversation owner email)
Crisp Pro: 3 participants per conversation (+ the conversation owner email)
Crisp Basic: 1 participant per conversation (+ the conversation owner email)

Participants limits are counted as "extra participants". It means that a limit of 1 participants per conversation lets you add 1 external participant to that conversation, which will effectively send your message reply emails to 2 email addresses (the conversation owner email, plus the participant you added).

Note that you can still remove a participant from an existing conversation, and replace them with another one, if you get over your plan limit.

How can I add participants to a conversation?

Participants can be easily added to a conversation from your Crisp App, right from the user information right bar. Scroll down to the "conversation participants" section, and add emails from there:

Add participants from the user information bar on the right of your inbox

Enter the email of the participant to be added, and click submit

Once someone in your team adds or removes a participant, everyone is notified with an event message (that can only be seen by your team, ie. not your users):

Your team gets notified whenever new participants are added

Afterwards, for any email reply sent to your user, all participants in the conversation will be set as CC to the emails sent.

You can remove anytime participants from a conversation, by clicking on the red remove button next to their email address.

How can users sending emails to our Crisp Inbox add participants themselves?

If you look from the point of view of an user of yours, emailing your Crisp inbox or answering to one of your replies from email, whenever they CC someone in their reply (eg. their coworker for instance), all CC'ed emails will be automatically added as conversation participants, so that those coworkers can track the conversation replies as well.

Your users can add new participants in their email replies by CC'ing their colleagues

How do received emails look like for a participant user?

Once someone in your team answers a user from your Crisp inbox, in a conversation with participants, the email sent to this user will contain all participants as CC, and make it clear that the email was sent to multiple participants (indicating whom).

Emails received by your users show the list of participants for the associated conversation

When are emails sent to participants?

Participants receive the message reply notification email at the exact same time the conversation owner does. That means: whenever Crisp checks whether the last message received by the visitor has been read in eg. the Crisp Chatbox.

In the event a conversation has participants, it does not matter whether the last message has been already read in chat or not. An email will be sent anyway, even if the message has been read in the chatbox. That is, to ensure all participants get notified of the conversation activity that took place over chat and can follow up over email. If that conversation had no participant, an email would only be sent after a few minutes if the visitor did not read the last received messages in the chatbox.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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