Some Crisp inboxes receive a lot of messages in a small amount of time. To speed up your daily workflow, keyboard shortcuts are available. This saves you some clicks, eg. to resolve a conversation.

These shortcuts are available anywhere in Crisp shared inbox, and apply to the conversation that's currently open. You need to have the focus in the message reply input so that they work.

In the following list of shortcuts, CTRL refers to the "Control" key of your keyboard (for Mac users, it's also Control, and not Command as usually seen in Mac Apps).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Open Search

To pop the search utility:

Press: CTRL + F

Multi-Line Messages

To add a new line to a message (make it multi-line, eg. like an email), use the following shortcut:


Send Message & Resolve Conversation

To send the message you wrote and auto-resolve the conversation after sending that message:


Send Message In Text Editor Mode

To send the message in text editor mode without pressing the send button:


Resolve Conversation

To resolve current conversation (if it is pending, ie. blue or unresolved, ie. red):

Press: CTRL + R

Unresolve Conversation

To unresolve current conversation (if it is resolved, ie. green):

Press: CTRL + U

Go To User Profile

If the user you're talking to has set their email and has a profile, you can quickly open the profile:

Press: CTRL + P

Go To Previous / Next Conversation

To move to the previous conversation (ie. older) in the conversation list on the left:

Press: CTRL + DOWN

To move to the next conversation (ie. newer) in the conversation list on the left:

Press: CTRL + UP

Toggle To Next Important Conversation

To quickly move to the next important conversation, eg. if you're far-down in the conversation list and you have a conversation with unread messages in the list:

Press: TAB

Edit Last Sent Message

To quickly edit the last message you sent (this only works if you have sent a message less than 10 minutes ago):

Press: UP

To leave the edit mode:

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