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How does Routing / Assign work?

Routing (also called Assign) can be used to assign operators to be notified for incoming messages. This helps websites with a lot of chats to balance them inside your team inbox.

The Routing feature is available in Crisp Unlimited.

Some people call our Routing feature "Assign". We will refer to "Assign" as "Routing" in this article. This feature is even more powerful if you bring everyone around crisp team inbox so you can route conversations towards the right department.

How does Routing work?

Routing works on the conversation level. In the Crisp Inbox, a conversation can be unassigned or assigned. The routing status of a conversation affects how operators are notified of incoming messages in that conversation.

The operators need to enter routing mode in their Crisp Inbox, so that they see the conversations they are assigned for. They also will only get notified of new messages in the conversations they are assigned to. This allows your support to scale as your conversation volume grows, by performing a Round-Robin between your operators (see the automatic assign feature below).

Operators can also leave the routing mode anytime, and see all conversations (even those for which another operator is assigned). Crisp will remember the routing mode settings so that it is recovered when the operator reloads or open the Crisp Dashboard.

Also, mobile (push) notifications will be only sent to the assigned operator for routed conversations. Conversations with no assigned operator will get notifications sent to the whole team.

How can an operator enter Routing mode?

Routing mode can be entered by hovering the routing icon with your mouse, and selecting "Assigned to me", as shown in the image below. You can find this icon in your Crisp Inbox, near the conversation search field.

Hover the routing icon with your mouse

Pick the Assigned to me item to toggle to routing mode

The routing mode can be left anytime by toggling back to "All conversations".

How to manually assign a conversation?

By default, no automatic routing is performed (we'll get to it below). You can still manually assign an operator to a conversation.

Simply go to the conversation, and in the user information right bar, click on "Assign" and pick the target operator.

Pick an operator to assign it

How to automatically assign a conversation?

Conversations can also be automatically assigned, based on rules you configure in advance. Priority can be set between multiple rules to create an advanced routing flow. Rules work as such:

Name your rule
Select conditions for the rule to apply (eg. conversation should be segment "customer")
Select one or more operators to be assigned (if multiple operators are selected, then the most online / available operator will be assigned first, else an offline operator gets assigned)

You can create your Routing rules in the Routing settings for your website:

Go to your Crisp Dashboard
Go to Settings, then Websites, then select your website
Scroll down to Message routing rules
Click on Routing rules
Click on Add a routing rule

Create your rule in the Routing settings

Then, follow the Routing rule creation form. Conditions are not required, ie. you can create a routing rule that matches in all case.

Make sure the "Auto-assign conversations according to configured rules" option is enabled in the General routing settings. It must be active for your rules to be used.

Notice that you can order your rules. Each rule has a priority order, which means it is processed first.

If you have multiple routing rules, the first routing rule to match in the pipeline stops it. It means that further rules don't get processed. Ensure you re-order your rules properly to create the pipeline you desire.

How to configure general Routing settings?

General routing settings lets you adjust the way Routing behaves on your website:

If you want to enable auto-assigning and use your configured rules, enable the "Auto-assign conversations according to configured rules" option. You can disable it to temporarily disable automatic assigning.
If an operator was assigned a few days ago to a conversation, and no activity occurred in that conversation since, the conversation can automatically be re-assigned to another operator. The option to enable this is available in your General routing settings (see image below). Of course, if an operator was removed from the website team, the conversation will be assigned to another operator of the team once a new message is received.

You can enable auto-reassign of conversations

if an operator was assigned but was offline You can now choose to re-assign automatically the conversation to another agent that is online and available to answer customers.

You can enable auto-reassign

Updated on: 03/08/2022

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