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How can I create custom filters for my conversations?

Crisp provides custom filters, that are included in all our plans. It helps you to create a specific display regarding your conversations

Custom filters are available in all our plans

How to find your custom filters ?

As shown below, you can easily reach them by overflowing the "Filter" label on the top left side of your
Crisp Inbox.

You are now able to click on the filter you want or start creating a new one

How to create custom filters ?

Give a clear name to your filter so that you can easily find it afterwards

For example, at Crisp, we use the word "Lead" for displaying all the conversations that have triggered the
lead segment.

Click on the "New filter criterion"
Choose the criterion you want your filter to be based on
Set the logical operator that you want to use
Write the filter you want to use
Click on the "done" button

What kind of criterion can I use for my filters ?

You can start to build your filters with all of these criterion

User Email
User Ip Address
User Phone
Chat State
User Availability
Last Active Date
Email Verified
User Blocked
Operating System
User Language
User Timezone
Chat Data

Which kind of logical operator can I use for my filters ?

Equals to
Differs from
Greater than
Less than
Greater or equal
Less or equal
Has pattern
No pattern

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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