You can delete your Crisp website in a few clicks, provided you have the website owner role on that website.

Before you start, please be reminded that there is no coming back after you delete your website on Crisp. All your data will be permanently removed from Crisp servers and will not be recoverable. You will still be able to create a new website after removing an old old. Also, any active Crisp subscription for the deleted website will be cancelled.

To delete a website, you may follow those steps:

Go to:
Go to your settings: click on the settings icon
Click on "Websites"
Click on the website you want to delete
Scroll down to "Danger Zone™"
Click on "Confirm website removal"
Enter your website domain (used to double-confirm removal)
Confirm removal

Delete your website from Crisp and all its data

Enter your website domain (used to double-confirm removal)
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