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How can I delete a website?

You can delete your Crisp website in a few clicks, provided you have the website owner role on that website.

Before you start, please be reminded that there is no coming back after you delete your website on Crisp. All your data will be permanently removed from Crisp servers and will not be recoverable. You will still be able to create a new website after removing an old one. Also, any active Crisp subscription for the deleted website will be cancelled.

Ensure you are deleting the correct website

When deleting a website, you should be absolutely certain which website you would like to delete, as all data for that website will be removed forever once the process is complete. If you have multiple websites associated to your account, then you can follow the examples below to ensure you are deleting the correct website. If both website have the same name and the same logo, this might make it more confusing.

Identify the website to delete, it could be that you have a case like this:

Multiple websites with the same details

Change the name of the website you are planning to delete in Settings > Website settings > (select website) > Website Information

Make sure you switch to the correct website on the top left and ensure that it is in fact the correct website you would like to delete. You can check:
Contacts page

These three options may indicate if you changed the wrong website name. Be sure to cross check this with your other website and confirm that you have changed the name of the correct website to delete.

Note: If the website name has not updated, try reloading the page, or wait some time as the name might not have updated yet due to cache reasons

Delete the website

Now that you are sure you that this is the website you would like to delete, you can:

Go to:
Go to your settings: click on the settings icon
Click on "Websites"
Click on the website you want to delete

Ensure the name at the top is the correct website to delete

Scroll down to "Danger Zone™"
Click on "Confirm website removal"
Enter your website domain (used to double-confirm removal)
Confirm removal

Delete your website from Crisp and all its data

Enter your website domain (used to double-confirm removal)

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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