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How can I increase my limits & quotas?

All Crisp plans come with a set of features that let you store data for your business, eg. contacts within the Crisp CRM, or exchange information, eg. translate messages with LiveTranslate. Those features come with fair use limits, that were set to protect our systems against abuse, and at the same time they are high enough so that most of our users do not hit them.

In the event you hit one of the limit, which can either be a time-based quota limit (eg. number of translated messages per day), or a data storage limit (eg. number of contacts in your CRM), you can upgrade anytime to higher limits.

Note that, by default, each Crisp website runs on limits that are based on their current plan subscription. A Crisp Unlimited website will have much higher default limits than a Crisp Pro website.

Only Crisp Unlimited websites can upgrade to higher limits. If you need higher limits and you are using Basic, please consider upgrading to Pro first. If you are using Pro, please consider upgrading to Unlimited first. If you are using Unlimited, then get higher limits by subscribing to custom limits.

List of limits

This list summarizes all limits that are enforced on all Crisp accounts. Certain limits may only appear in certain plans, which means that you will not see them in your Crisp Dashboard if you are using Basic or Pro.

Data limits

Data limits applies to data Crisp stores on behalf of your website. Increasing those limits means that you will be able to store more data. This also means that we allow you to grow your amount of storage data up to an unlimited amount of entries, provided you increase your limits as you go.

Campaign recipients limit, allows your campaigns to be sent to more recipients, provided you use a private/assigned IP address (can be increased)
Inbox operators limit, allows more agents to be invited to your Crisp Inbox (can be increased)
CRM contacts limit, allows you to store more contacts in your Crisp CRM (can be increased)
Status page nodes limit, allows you to monitor more hosts from your Crisp Status status page (can be increased)

Other features that are not mentioned have no paid limit. For instance, the Crisp Inbox does not require you to subscribe to higher limits to store more messages in your inbox.

Quota limits

Quota limits applies to how many times you can use a certain Crisp feature for a certain period of time. For instance, you can only translate a certain amount of messages per day.

LiveTranslate messages translated, limits how many messages can be translated in total (can be increased)
LiveTranslate characters translated, limits how many characters can be translated in total, for all messages (can be increased)
Chatbox files uploaded, limits how many files your users can send over the chatbox (can be increased)
Conversation filters executed, limits how often advanced filters can be ran in your Inbox (cannot be increased)
Contact filters executed, limits how often advanced filters can be ran in your CRM (cannot be increased)

Increasing your limits

Before you increase your limit, please check that the following pre-requisites apply to your Crisp account:

You need to have a valid payment method linked your your Crisp website;
Your website must be subscribed to the Unlimited plan (or anything above);
You are an owner of your Crisp website (if you have member permissions, then please request an owner to upgrade the limits for you);

Now, you can go to your Crisp Dashboard website settings and upgrade your limits:

Go to your Crisp Dashboard website settings;
Click on your website;
Scroll down to "Limits Usage & Legal", and click on those settings;
Open the "Limits & Quotas Usage" section;
Find the limit you need to upgrade, and click on "Increase" (if the button does not appear, then the limit cannot be increased);
Select the amount of additional limits to subscribe to, and hit "Activate Those Limits";
The new limits are now active! 🎉

Note that, whenever reaching a limit soon, an alert banner is shown to all your operators. You can as well click on the button shown in this banner, which will point you to the limit that needs to be increased.

You can find all your limits and how much is being used in your website settings

Once you click on "Increase", a popup will open where you can choose your new limits

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell when a limit has been reached?

Whenever a quota limit needs to be increased, you will see an alert in your Crisp Dashboard.

A warning alert (orange) will first show whenever your limit is going to be reached soon, and an important alert (red) will pop whenever your limit has been reached.

Alert banner popping whenever a limit is nearly reached

How to view my limits & how much do I use?

Limits can be viewed in the same place where you increase them. Refer to the Increasing your limits section above to find your limits usage.

When are custom limits billed?

Custom limits are billed altogether, at the same time we charge your other Crisp subscriptions (plan & plugins). They are billed monthly.

Your invoice from Crisp will show all your active limits, aside from your plans and plugins.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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