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Subscribe multiple websites to a paid plan & get a rebate

Crisp plans are billed per-website. If you have many websites under the same Crisp account, for the same business, you may be eligible for a discount on all your website plans.

In some use cases, the same company using Crisp may find convenient to split their support in multiple Crisp inboxes, eg. to service multiple countries for their localized websites. As Crisp plans are billed per-website, this would not be a convenient model for such a website to subscribe to multiple Crisp Unlimited plans for the same business.

Thus, we apply rebates on any extra website you may need to subscribe to a Crisp Unlimited plan. You just need to contact us and ask us.

Rebates on multiple website only apply to websites subscribed to the Crisp Unlimited plan.

If you already have a student or non-profit rebate, you won't be able to cumulate it with the multiple websites rebate.

Rebate rates

The rebates that are applied depend on the number of websites you need subscribed to Crisp Unlimited, for the same company (inclusive ranges, ie. 3+ is "3 and more"):

3+ websites: 20% off on each different subscriptions

If you have more than 10 websites, please contact us so that we discuss a custom bundle pricing.


Let's consider an e-commerce website selling shoes in 3 countries (🇫🇷 France, 🇩🇪 Germany, 🇮🇹 Italy), with dedicated customer support for each country.

Thus, the company will need 3 Crisp Inboxes (3 Crisp Unlimited subscriptions at 95€ / month).

That company is eligible to the "3+ inboxes" rebate, for which each website has 20% off on Crisp Unlimited.

Before applying the rebate, the company would pay: 95€ + 95€ + 95€ = 285€ / month
After applying the rebate, the company would pay: 95€ + 76€ + 76€ = 247€ / month

Companies needs to contact us so that we analyze their eligibility and apply the rebate. Rebates are not automatically applied.

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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