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How do I add a spell-checker for Crisp messages?

When you communicate with your customers, you may want to be sure your messages are corrected before sending them.

A spell-checker will prevent you to send non-sense sentences, or simply spelling mistakes, grammar inaccuracies, etc.


Grammarly, is one of the most famous spell-checker on the market for English language. If you want to add the add-on to Crisp you need to:

Go to Grammarly and click on the button to be redirected to the right marketplace (in this example Google Chrome Web Store)

Add the extension

Create an account on Grammarly

Grammarly is now live on the Crisp web app!


MerciApp is a powerful spell-checker for French language. Here is how to enable it on your browser (example with Chrome Browser)

Create an account on MerciApp

Choose the extension you need

Add the extension to your browser

MerciApp is now installed on the Crisp web app!

We hope this will help you communicate with your customers using Crisp. Let us know if you have a powerful spell checker for your own language, we will list it there!

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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