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How to include Crisp as part of a website contract?

Are you working on a website for a client? Does your client require you to include a livechat in his website?

Crisp is tailored for you and your client, here are some benefits and key features below.

You're a developer

Setup and forget it
Pay Crisp in advance (eg: 2 years advance), and put that expense on the contract's invoice

You're the client

Crisp is easy to use
Extend Crisp features in 1 click with plugins (with the client's own credit card)
Chat with your customers on Web, Desktop, or even Mobile
Send an unlimited number of messages and add multiple operators (we don't bill for that)

Some Crisp features we built specially for website contracts

Remove Crisp branding links on chatbox and in emails ("Powered by Crisp")
Switch to a yearly payment (rather than monthly)

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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