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How to install Crisp Live chat on WordPress? (or WooCommerce)

Installing Crisp Live chat on WordPress (or WooCommerce) is really easy!

Video tutorial:


First, you have to connect on your WordPress/WooCommerce dashboard
You have to click on Plugins / Add New and search "Crisp"
Activate the Plugin
On the left menu, click "Crisp Settings"
Click on Link with Crisp and follow the instructions
You are now able to use the Livechat from your homepage


Here are a few reasons why Crisp could not work on your WordPress/WooCommerce site.

First, check if you are using WP Super Cache Plugin. WP Super Cache could cache on your server an outdated version of your website. We recommend purging the Wordpress Cache after installing Crisp.

If the chat doesn't show up, it's might be because your theme is not supporting Hooks.

In this specific case, what we suggest is to manually add Crisp in your template, using

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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