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How can I install a live chat and helpdesk on my Shopify online store?

Crisp is a customer service software that is deeply integrated with your Shopify online store. Following this guide, you'll connect Crisp to your ecommerce store and benefit from multiple features.

Crisp is listed on Shopify, please enable the app from Crisp plugins or from Shopify Marketplace.

As a Shopify merchant, you're in need of accurate and dead simple information about customers that are engaging the conversations. Crisp has released a live chat and chatbot app for Shopify merchants that will make your life much easier.

➡️ Click here to enable the app on your store
➡️ Want to know more about our prices and features? Click here for Crisp Widget and here for Crisp Chatbot.

Here are the features you'll get when enabling this integration:

See the ongoing cart in real-time
Refund customers
Access customers' details in Shopify
See previous orders
See OrderID, Tracking URL, Shipping address and other key data
Access orders' status page
Create templated messages with dynamic data from Shopify
Create drip campaigns on key actions
Synchronize data
Duplicate orders
Copy customers' data to clipboard

Getting started with our help desk for Shopify merchants

Go to or create an account on

You can't create an account on mobile devices, please use a desktop to create your Crisp account.

In the left sidebar of your Crisp inbox, go to Plugins
Find the Shopify Plugin or search for it using the search bar at the top of your screen.

Click on "View details" and "Install"

You're being redirect to Shopify app store, click on "Add App"

Confirm your identity with your Shopify login and password

if you have multiple store, choose the online store to which the helpdesk app has to be added

Install the app from your Shopify back-office

Choose to display the live chat on your website or not.

To prevent the chat from being displayed on your website, disable the button at the top-left of your screen.

Make sure the Crisp app is well connected to your Shopify

Go to the plugin section and look for Shopify as for step 2 and 3, it should look like below ⬇️

Start using Crisp with your Shopify online store!

If you want to get started with our Helpdesk for Shopify, feel free to click here to access a detailed guide about customer service for ecommerce and Shopify.

If you are looking for tips to kickstart your e-commerce store, click here: Shopify live chat

The Crisp widget won't be visible from the Checkout page as Shopify is not including any external widgets from there.

Crispy examples of the Shopify Integration

Here are some images that can let you understand what will bring this integration to your customer experience.

Details on the data synchronized from Shopify

Overall view from Crisp Inbox with the Shopify Helpdesk App enabled

What can be automated when connecting Crisp and Shopify?

There are many benefits to connect Crisp and Shopify together. Among them, automation is one of the key asset you should think about when integrating your ecommerce with Crisp.

Here are some behaviors where you might see some interests:
Updating tags on Shopify updates segments on Crisp.
All orders are now submitted as Crisp Events to let you trigger automated campaigns on chat and emails.
Key e-commerce statistics are being pushed for each customer such as total amount of orders or total money spent.
Conversations coming from multiple channels
Customers' language

As you can see, possibilities are numerous, it's now up to you to prepare everything to build the best customer experience using Shopify and Crisp.

Troubleshooting with Crisp app for Shopify

Having problems with our live chat and chatbot app for Shopify? Click here to access a detailed article on things you could do to solve your problems: Troubleshooting Shopify plugin

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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