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How can I change the live chat welcome message?

Crisp allows you to personalize the welcome message your users will see when opening the live chat. This welcome message may entice them to send their questions, which makes it very important for your customer support.

Changing the live chat welcome message does not affect how the website widget works.

You can change the chatbox welcome message in your website settings

How to modify the chat welcome message?

Login to:
Go to your website settings: click on the "Settings" icon on the left sidebar, then click on "Website Settings" and select the target website in the list and click "Settings"
Select Chatbox & Email settings
Go to chatbox appearance
Select your message in "Welcome Message"
Your message is auto-saved

Using a custom welcome message

Using a custom welcome message is possible starting from Crisp Pro through the customization plugin.

View from the customization plugin

Please check the following article to set this up: How to customize my chatbox?

Sending proactive welcome chat messages

Building the greatest customer service is not only being reactive. It's also about being proactive. With our live chat, you can create proactive chat messages that will be triggered based on the behavior of your target.

There are several use cases where it's interesting to setup proactive chat messages. This feature is available from the Pro plan and is called "Triggers".

You can reach out to it through the plugin section.

Here is an article that explains everything you have to know about automated live chat messages.

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Want to know how you can improve your welcome message? Here is an article available on our blog : Tips for Live Chat Welcome Message

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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