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How do I install Crisp Live chat and AI chatbot on Prestashop?

Looking for a Live Chat & AI Chatbot addon to install on your Prestashop online store? Say no more! Using Crisp for Prestashop, you can install a chat widget, build an automated data synchronization routine with Prestashop and create powerful chatbot scenarios that can leverage customers' data, all that for free! Follow the steps in this article to .

What you need:

- An ecommerce website using Prestashop v1.7 (or higher)
- A Crisp account (you can create a new one or use an existing one)

➡️ Click here to know more about Crisp website chat widget ⬅️
➡️ Click here to know more about Crisp AI Chatbot ⬅️

Video tutorial:

Tutorial on how to install a Live chat and an AI Chatbot for your online store

Go to Prestashop App store, available at
Search for "Crisp" and click on the "Crisp - Live Chat & AI Chatbot" listing

Hit the "Download" button and fill in your information (Don't forget to select your store version) to download the .zip package

Head over to your Prestashop Admin and reach out to "Module", then hit "Module Manager"

Hit "Upload a module" and choose the previously downloaded .zip package (⚠️ do not unzip it)

Configure the Crisp for Prestashop Addon
First step here (marked with "1") is to associate a Prestashop account with your store. It's mandatory for any account willing to leverage the new features enabled by the addon. Once association and data sharing are enabled (marked with "2"), you can click on the "Install Crisp on my Prestashop" (marked as "3").

a - Link an existing workspace with your Prestashop data
If you don't have an account on Crisp yet, go to the next step.

b - Create a workspace and link it with your Prestashop account
Follow the 4 steps required to create an account on Crisp, they are mandatory to make sure you get the addon setup the right way. Don't worry about the Chat widget inclusion, you can disable it at the next step.

Link Prestashop WebServices & Crisp to allow a complete data synchronisation

You're done! Here is how it should look in your Crisp Workspace

Going the extra mile with Crisp for Prestashop

Using Crisp gives you access to a wide range of features so you can make your online shopping experience much better!

Here are the next steps you should think as part of your onboarding:

Connect social media channels to centralize messages from Instagram, Messenger, Emails or WhatsApp.

Invite other members to your Crisp Workspace, click here to access the detailed article.

Build chatbots to automate customers' conversations when you're not available. Click here to see how to get started.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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