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Redirect emails from Gmail (G Suite) to Crisp

Crisp allows your team to redirect emails from Gmail (G Suite) to your Crisp Inbox. This is the easiest way to supercharge your email support at scale by integrating assignments, canned responses and get all the benefits of the Crisp features.

Setting up forwarding in Gmail (G Suite)

1 - Retrieve your Crisp Email

Connect to
Go to your website settings and click integrations
Go to Email Integration

Click Email

2 - Copy your Crisp Email

Copy your email redirection

3 - Setup Gmail / G-Suite

Open Gmail application and click the gear icon in your inbox. Choose “See All Settings”.

Click Forwarding and Pop/IMAP and then Add a forwarding address

Paste your Crisp Email Redirection and click Next

You will receive a code in your Crisp Mailbox. Go to and use code you just received to verify your email redirection on

Select “Forward a copy of incoming mail to Crisp Redirection Email. Choose what to do with the forwarded messages: keep them in your Gmail Inbox, mark them as “read”, archive or delete them.

Save Changes

Boom! You can now manage your emails right from Crisp!

Forwarding Multiple Mailboxes to Crisp

If your company is running multiple emails, such as,,, it is possible to manage all those emails into your Crisp inbox.

You can redirect all your different mailboxes to However, to help you organising your Crisp Inbox, it is possible to automatically add a segment for each mailbox. Appending +segment to your Crisp redirection will automatically add a segment. Think segments like tags, that will allow us to create custom filters, and differentiate your different emails. For instance, it will be possible using the Crisp Assign feature to route all messages from to specific agents.

To achieve this, you just need to add the segment at the end of your Crisp Redirection username.

For instance, if your redirection is and you are using it for, you can use as a redirection. It will automatically add the billing segment to all emails coming from

This way you can leverage all features using the segments system, such as the Crisp Chatbot, and Crisp Assignments.

Forwarding just a part of your inbox (specific emails)

You only want to send specific emails to your Crisp Mailbox? It's totally doable! For this, we will have to create a Gmail Filter.

Go to Filters and blocked addresses

Click Create a new filter

Create your filter. For instance, you could send all your contact form requests to Crisp.

Select your Crisp redirection from Forward it to and click Create Filter

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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