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How can I embed a live chat in Notion?

Looking to embed a live chat software in your Notion Board on in any other feature provided by Notion? Well it's possible with Crisp. Here is how you should do.

Our live chat software is free and can be added at any time in your Notion board so you can chat with people using your services.

Here's how to proceed:
Visit your Notion board
Click on the the board you will see the following text (Type "/" for commands)

Type /embed and a menu will appear.
You will choose the "Embed- For PDSs, Google Maps, and more." option.
Add your URL for the chatbox you can get from this article - the URL looks like this ""

You can adjust the size of the chat on your Notion board by grabbing one of the edges and stretching the container!

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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